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epos (n.) – in Latin, meaning Epic; a literary or dramatic composition that resembles an extended narrative poem celebrating heroic feats.

Epos Development is an award-winning real estate development and investment company located in Downtown Flushing with over 25 years of construction experience.  Epos currently has a focus on Queens and Manhattan ground-up condo development and value-add projects.  In October 2016, Epos was presented with the 2016 Queens Real Estate Achievement Award by Mayor de Blasio and the Queens Tribune. 

We are a vision and brand-oriented development company. Our core strength lies in our consistent ability to locate and create exceptionally profitable real estate development opportunities for our private investors. We effectively utilize our vast network of real estate brokerages, attorneys, contractors, banks, and investors to identify value in subtle locations. Through our keen micromanagement of cost-efficient acquisition, construction, and marketing strategies we are able to produce superior profits in real estate ventures when competitors cannot.

It is our duty to fulfill your real estate investment objectives.



Epos Global Management is a private real estate development, construction and property management company based on Flushing, Queens.



Our core strength lies in our consistent ability to locate exceptionally profitable value-add or ground-up development projects for private and institutional investors.


We effectively utilize our vast network of real estate brokers, attorneys, contractors, banks, investors, and internal agents to identify hidden value in secondary markets. Through creative financing and acquisition strategies, keen micromanagement of our extensive pool of construction vendors, and relationships with well-capitalized end-users, are able to produce high IRRs in real estate ventures when our competitors cannot. 

The typical investment term is approximately three (3) years.  If you would like more information, please contact us.

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Epos Global Management (formerly China Doll Design Inc) is a family-owned real estate capital management and development business. Epos is empowered by its strategic partners and principals representing banking, commercial lending, real estate brokerage, general contracting, property management, and construction management —combining over 75 years of experience and expertise.


Our humble beginnings began 30 years ago in Manhattan's garment district where we originally specialized in showroom and office buildouts.  We have grown into a real estate development company which focuses on small to mid-sized development projects.  For more information about our criteria, click here.

For more information about our Founders, please click here.




On behalf of our stakeholders, we will consistently generate remarkable rates of return by investing in undervalued real estate development sites located throughout the world.