Epos Global Management specializes in the following real estate services:

Epos works closely with private investors from around the world seeking real estate equity partnership opportunities in the New York Tri-State area. We provide a platform for these investors to share in remarkable real estate profit potential through structured syndication.

We create high-yield proprietary investment opportunities which provide superior returns through the acquisition, development, and operation of real estate joint ventures.

Through our close relationships with construction materials merchants, and the keen micromanagement of our acquisition methods, construction personnel and techniques, and sales and marketing strategies, we are able to produce superior profits in real estate development projects where other developers cannot. 


Development strategy consists of a basic four-phase process: acquisition, design, construction, and sales.


We proudly make use of our global network of global banks, private investors, and private equity firms,  in order to help other developers and landlords obtain low-rate, low-fee construction loans when they are unable to qualify with their own lenders. 


Typically, borrowers come to us when they own or have recently acquired a development site and are having a hard time qualifying for construction loans.  


Because of our very close relationships with several traditional lenders, we have an extremely high success rates in helping borrowers to qualify for their loans.


If you are in need of a low-interest rate (WSP + 2%) construction loan with low-fees (typically 2-5 percentage points), please contact us ASAP, while construction funding is still available through our network.  



Construction Loans

As property managers, our primary objective is to maintain, upgrade, and operate real estate assets cost-effectively. Our competitive advantage lies in our ability to make renovations and repairs very inexpensively by using our internal construction team. We maximize our rent rolls through our alignment with top leasing brokers and employment of clever marketing campaigns. Our management portfolio consists of a combination of income-producing properties: multi-family, retail, office, and mixed-use buildings.


If you are seeking property management services, please contact us by sending an email to info@eposglobal.com.

Epos investments are made through fee simple acquisitions or by joint ventures with property owners or investment partners. 


We only invest in properties with potentially high ROIs or remarkable unrealized value which we can create through the acquisition, development, operation, and repositioning of the property. Economics are generated by scale and through enhanced governance and planning.


Delivering High ROIs
Property Management

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